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Sarah Adamson and I love to nerd out on all things food related. These days our conversations rotate around clean food choices for breastfeeding mamas, boosting energy without overdoing it on caffeine, reducing stress and fighting inflammation. Why do we care about these topics? Well, they are super relevant in our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Sarah is a new mom and is doing everything she can to put the health and growth of her beautiful baby, Teighan, first while also maintaining her sanity as a sleep deprived business owner. And me, well I'm trying to live my truth and lead by example as a holistic nutritionist. Inflammation and hormone regulation are regular lingo during our coffee talk and birthed inspiration for Fuze’s new summer menu.

At the restaurant, the menu harbours a major focus on health and total body nourishment. So Sarah ran with this when she dreamed up the Gold Rush and Morning Moringa smoothies.

Gold rush is speckled with potent anti-inflammatory and digestive aids like turmeric and ginger, making it look like sunshine in a cup.

Moringa, a whole food containing 92 vitamins and minerals, and also a potent anti-inflammatory, helps with blood sugar stabilization, cholesterol management, and liver detoxification (among a million other rad-tastic things).

Both new menu items are loaded with antioxidant, vitamin and mineral rich fruits and veg. But, once again, it is the flavor that will have you coming back day after day. They are so much more than just a pretty face!

Sarah and I continue to inspire one another. It is such a complement to our friendship to see each other so lit up in our element.

With the launch of her new menu and our collaborative Soiree en Blanc event just a few weeks away we are stoked for what the future holds. The Fuze Food Blog will be used as a platform for sharing interesting and relevant information about food, health, fitness and community events. I am honored to be a guest writer for her new “baby” and hope that you enjoy walking the walk and talking the talk with us.

Soiree en Blanc Inveremere

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