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We created FUZE to share our love of fresh ingredients, ethnic inspired flavours and clean, indulgent eating.  


The motivation behind Fuze came after I suffered injuries while caught in an avalanche back in 2012.  I started looking to food to help myself heal and recover. Using my training as a Chef, along with my inspirations from travelling, I FUZED together ethnic dishes with my own family favourites.

The result? FUZE FOOD!

Wanting to share my passion, Fuze started out as stationary food truck with a small kitchen and limited menu. After outgrowing this tiny space, we moved across the street to our now permanent home, where we have been for the last 9 years.

My goal is to provide others with whole, real food, that tastes great and is also great for you!

I hope you enjoy your visit!



Sarah Adamson

We are dedicated to using organic and local ingredients and making everything from scratch as much as possible.

Fuze's humble beginnings at our stationary food truck location across the street.

fuze menu glory bowl
fuze menu choco banana buzz
fuze menu tai wrap
fuze menu butter chicken
fuze menu king kale
fuze menu berry awesome
fuze menu burrito
fuze menu tai salad
fuze menu green curry bowl
fuze menu satay bowl
fuze menu apple avocado
fuze menu berry beet mojito
fuze menu strawberry lemonade
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